“A group of creative people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.”

We know some days you might like to work all day, whilst on others you may want to grab a scooter and explore with some friends, or have an evening beer watching the skate at Pretty Poison, it’s really up to you, we just enjoy creating this type of environment for you.


“The ability to have a strong a stable connection.”

Our villa has a 40-60 Mbps connection and is stable, connect and work from either our main room, where we have space for 8 people to work from, with A/C and kitchen supplies nearby. Or take a seat at our outside station, which seats 4 people with roof cover.


“Having a passion for the ocean and her waves”

Being just 350m from a great surfing spot here and many more ‘secret’ spots around us from our local balinese surf instructors who absolutely love what they do, you can be sure your in safe hands at all times whether your new to surfing all the way to just wanting someone to help improve on your technique, or good wave advice and so on.

Looking for a great villa location here in Canggu, with work spaces & reliable internet? Come and stay with a great community of likeminded individuals.
Welcome to Surfing Nomads, my name is Made, and I was born here in beautiful Bali, I learned to surf from a young age, studied for a marketing degree and also have a passion for travel.
This is my business here in Canggu, I decided to open my own coliving/working/surfing villa after having being a previous house manager for another company for over a year. 
I think having a great community at our heart is what we strive for, along with having comfortable and relaxing areas for where you can work from, with reliable internet. 
By staying with us you will also receive a minimum of x4 surf lessons, depending on the length of your stay + Yoga classes, Family dinners & activities too!